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Yun na pala yung last time na masasamahan kita in distress.

Been at a lost for words since I woke up with the most tragic news this morning. I didn’t really want to post anything because it hurts too much. However, after reading through all the stories and testimonials from dad’s colleagues, patients, and students, I just couldn’t help but share a few things.

In 2013, I learned what unconditional love truly is. Back then was when my mother faded out of the picture. My dad, against all odds, then singlehandedly raised all 4 of us. It’s been a crazy 7 years since then and one thing I’ll always remember is the smile that dad is always so ready to share with the world. He’d always say “bring your own sunshine” ecstatically but little did he know that his smile alone was more than enough to be the sunshine all throughout our hardest days.

He and his smile were so precious that my biggest fear in life is actually to lose just that. In fact, I was so scared that majority of his hobbies, I unconsciously wanted to pick up as well.

The same way that he’s always there to share a beer with me when I need him, I knew that riding with him would assure me that he’s not alone and that I can help him out whenever something happens. From mountains to bikes to motorcycles, everything was somewhat influenced by my biggest fear which is now our sad and painful reality. I remember the last time we rode out, dad.

My motorcycle broke down and you were asking me if I wanted to go ahead with the rest of my plans for the day while you waited for rescue. I refused because I can’t go on with the thought that you would be alone.

Yun na pala yung last time na masasamahan kita in distress.

I wish you know though that we wanted so badly to be with you through it all and it breaks my heart that we couldn’t.

We really didn’t want to leave you alone, dad. I’m really sorry, dad. I do hope though that you’re in a better place now. I’m still in pain and a bit mad because you still had a lot in you. Your mission wasn’t done yet and you still had a lot of lives to save and touch.

But I guess it’s now our time to carry on your legacy. It’s our time to love and serve not just each other but all the lives we come across as well. We promise to live, love, and serve the way you taught us to, dad. I promise that we will make you proud up there. We promise to stay strong for each other and bring sunshine unto others.

I love you Dad. We love you. Forever. – Paolo Resurrecion

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